Where will training be provided?
At your premises or at our HQ in Manchester. Whatever works for you.

How many people can attend?
We deliver training in small groups (1-10) to ensure maximum engagement.

Is my data safe?
We assure complete confidentiality, not only through our strict NDAs but our secure software systems.

What if I have questions later?
We'll be on hand with complimentary support for a month after your training. You'll also have your Bespoke Advanced Excel Training Handbook to refer to whenever you need it.

What types of 'live spreadsheets' do you typically work on?
Typical 'live' projects can include forecasting systems, data consolidation, resource management, budgeting systems etc.

How much does it cost?
All our training sessions are unique, but a guideline budget would be £1500 per session. (Inclusive of pre and post-training support). This includes developing the training programme around your requirements.

What guarantees can you provide on the quality of the training provided?
We are proud of our reputation for having built some of the world's most advanced spreadsheets. In the event that the training provide by one of our certified Excel experts does not meet all your expectations, then we will simply complete the training again—at our own expense. 

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A five-minute discovery call with one of our Excel specialists will quickly identify the most effective approach for your individual or group requirements.

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Are you ready to make Excel work harder for you?

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Introducing a new approach to Excel training designed specifically for Project Managers who want advanced Excel skills—not dense theory. 

Get precisely want you want from Excel—using your own live spreadsheets

Are you a Project Manager being held back by Excel?

Achieve a new level of productivity — and a valuable new skillset

Gain the confidence to use Excel at an advanced level—supported by a certified Excel trainer

Ensure your new skills are developed beyond your training session with post-training support and a reference handbook

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Are you ready to make Excel work harder for you?

This is NOT a typical training session. We give you hands-on experience and get your REAL projects completed.

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Following an initial discovery call we’ll send you a proposal tailored to your exact requirements.

We are very familiar with Excel as a tool, so we were initially sceptical about the value of an advanced Excel training course. However, the level of insights provided were beyond any expectations we had. The productivity enhancements delivered an immediate and tangible ROI.

Nick Carlisle, Savills 

How it works

1. Pre-training

2. Training

Our certified Excel trainers will develop your training course around your specific project and wider challenges, on-site or at Bespoke HQ in Manchester.

For complete confidentiality and security, we'll exchange NDAs.

You talk to us about the issues, challenges or plans you have for working with Excel at a higher level.

You send us a live document for us to work on ahead of your advanced tailored Excel training.

3. Post-training

We understand that with any high-level training, questions can sometimes surface days or weeks later.

That’s why your expert trainer will be on call to answer queries and provide support for an entire month following your training.

You’ll get CPD certification alongside an Advanced Excel Training Handbook outlining the specifics of your training for future reference.

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Are you ready to make Excel work harder for you?